AmeriPharma’s premier pharmacy services are available in multiple states throughout the US.

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Board & Care

At AmeriPharma, we provide all the logistical conveniences required by board & care facilities. Coordination and communication are central to what we offer: Staff have live access to patient prescription information and notes via WebConnect, with printable MARs, and our delivery-track system allows staff and residents to monitor medication delivery status in realtime from a computer or smartphone.

Customization is essential to helping each board & care facility to streamline its prescriptions process. Our logistics department will set up the delivery system that works best for your facility, based on your resident and staff preferences. We are able to schedule non-emergency deliveries within a specific time-frame to allow for the smooth operation of your facility and maximize the comfort of your residents. We also offer customized medication packaging options, including blister packs, compliance packaging, and our proprietary MedBox system with pre-sorted, time-stamped pill packets. Refill management is always part of our service: Through our refill review and monitoring system, we guarantee timely and accurate refills. No patient is left without their required medication.

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