AmeriPharma’s premier pharmacy services are available in multiple states throughout the US.

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Skilled Nursing Pharmacy Services

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For over a decade, AmeriPharma Long Term Care has been providing pharmacy solutions to skilled nursing facilities across Southern California. We pride ourselves in building strong partnerships with a shared understanding of the goals of each facility. Our same-day delivery system and online portal are designed to save time and costs while empowering facilities to focus on patient care. Pharmacists and nurses work hand-in-hand to ensure your facility receives guidance from every angle. No matter the size and needs of a facility, AmeriPharma covers the entire pharmacy spectrum with personalized service, medication availability, and competitive pricing. Together, we can help the members of your community thrive.

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Testimonials from facilities we serve

The staff is very cooperative and compassionate. The delivery team is great too. It’s nice to know you guys have our back. You are always giving me solutions. I appreciate your company.
Joel B,
Fabulous pharmacy operation with on time deliveries. We have many stat orders for comfort meds and you guys are always delivering quicker than I expect. Excellent service. I would recommend your company any day.
Jerry L.
I’ve had such a great experience with you guys. I am recommending your company to all my friends with facilities. Your pharmacist team caught a drug interaction that could have put my patient in the hospital.
Minerva S,
You guys are the best we’ve seen and I’ve been in the facility business for 30 years.
Nancy J,
We provide the right tools for positive patient outcomes:

Competitive Pricing

Our extensive relationships with manufacturers and distributors allow us to source drugs at competitive prices so that we can pass our savings on to the facilities we serve.

Time-Sensitive Deliveries

Drugs and supplies always arrive at the right time and place, with emergency same-day deliveries available. Tracking software provides real-time updates so you’ll never be in the dark about where your deliveries are located.

Monthly Evaluations

To ensure that you are operating in the most cost-effective manner, AmeriPharma will break down your monthly invoices and provide actionable suggestions on potential savings. Facilities save 10% or more on costs with AmeriPharma.

Expert Guidance

Dedicated consultant pharmacists serve as liaisons between AmeriPharma and the facility. These experienced professionals provide education and regulatory support so your facility consistently operates at its best.   

Survey Prep

AmeriPharma guarantees the highest ratings on surveys. Our experienced AmeriPharma nurses continuously audit facility performance and provide med pass observations, IV support, and med cart and med room checks.

Manage Orders Online

Our web-based system integrates with electronic health records and streamlines communication between facility and pharmacy, making it easy to switch from your current pharmacy to AmeriPharma. Real-time access to patient data eases the process of managing refills and patient charge accounts.

Seamless Patient Transitions with MedBox

The transition from facility to home is no small feat. MedBox is a free service that is proven to promote independence, reduce hospital readmission risk, and prevent medication errors.

Pre-sorts doses by date and time

Accepts most insurances

Automatic refills

Tailored to each patient, including vitamins and supplements

Computerized processing for accurate doses


CRNI Certified Nurses

To meet the dynamic needs of residents, our CRNI-certified nurses are available to give at-home or onsite infusions when necessary. AmeriPharma nurses are qualified for physical assessments, injection training, catheter management, and patient education in medication and treatment management.

CUBEX Automated Dispensing

CUBEX gives you the ability to send emergency orders electronically and administer without any delays. These automated dispensers manage medication with the highest level of security to support safe and efficient practices.

Skilled Nursing/Healthcare Facility Benefits:

Prescription service 24/7

Right price

Products and Services tailored specifically for your business with a single internal point of contact

Time sensitive deliveries with real-time tracking via DeliveryTrack

Cubex System for immediate emergency medication access

WebConnect portal - providing real-time secure access to patient data

Multilingual customer service representatives

Reimbursement insurance assistance

HIPAA-compliant EMAR system

DocuTrack software - providing convenient order receipt confirmations and customized reporting for patient and financial management

A full line of products, including IV medication, enteral nutrition and medical supplies

Multilingual pharmacists and nurse consultants to work with your medical staff to provide the best possible care for your patients

Customized medication packaging systems

Infusion therapy administration assistance

Regulation compliance assistance

Toll-free telephone and fax lines

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